This is an experiment. I am trying to see if voluntary microtransactions are a viable support model for online content.

If you want to take part, use the links below...

Your ID is csVJjK0v

Drag these to your bookmarks bar, for different donation types...

1p 2p 3p

And save this one to see your expenditures later


What's this about?
Nobody likes banner ads, but paywalls are obnoxious too. At the same, most of us wouldn't mind compensating creators for the stuff we enjoy. It's just a question of HOW.

Microtransactions have been floated as a possibility for years, but in most scenarios, they're automatic debits, or stuck to specific web properties, which limits the usefulness of the model.

This experiment is simply testing whether a purely voluntary, distributed microtransaction system would actually work.

How does it work?
You're given a set of links to add to your bookmarks bar. When you find content you enjoy, click on one of those links (1 to 3 cents), depending on how amazing you thought the content was. Your "tip" will be recorded and you'll be sent straight back to the same page. That's it!

What are you doing with the information?
On the user side, you can view the amount of money you would have spent in the current month. I'm not showing where you spent it, or when, because that seems a bit creepy. Also, I only track the domains in use, not the specific pages, so it's of limited value anyway.

On a bigger scale, I'll periodically release summaries of the data (minus user IDs) so everyone can see how viable a model this.

What's the end game?
Honestly, I don't know yet. This might prove that web users are generally stingy, or it might suggest that building a distributed microtransaction system might be a worthwhile investment for someone. Probably not me, though. I'm too lazy.

Your technique sucks because [reason]!
That doesn't surprise me at all. I've spent more time writing this FAQ than I did writing the code. If you have any improvements, let me know and I'll add them to this page.

Are you invading my privacy?
No, again, I'm too lazy to bother. You're assigned a random user ID that isn't associated with you in any way, I don't track the specific pages you visit, and I can only track something if you click the little links. If you're really paranoid, don't participate, but trust me when I say I have better things to do than parse data about the browsing habits of early adopters :)

Why is this page so ugly?
I only have a 15 minute lunch break, and pretty takes time.

What's your angle? Are you just trying to get rich?
Nah, I'm just curious is all, and I thought I'd try to fish an answer out of the universe. I do count myself as a content creator, but at the moment the only thing I'm actively selling is bad luck.